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Ileto Caribbean People’s Network ( iletoCPN) was created in the year 2000 and constituted in 2008. Initially to address the cultural needs of African & Caribbean African Community that were not being met, working towards counteracting the effects and impacts of racism. We are developing  processes of self identity and education to navigate around these issues, community/village organising is part of our heritage. A Collective of volunteer activists,residing in the UK,promoting positive change and collective community responsibility.We have achieved the following services and provisions for the African community over the years:



We deliver the following:

1.Personal Development and growth empowerment sessions

2. Campaigning & Event Organising

3. Allotment Gardening,Permaculture and food security:

4. International development:

6. Access to free or low cost training, Empowerment Training:

7. Membership & Partnership to World African Diasporan Union W.A.D.U* :

8. Pardoners* 9.Researching tools

10. Advocacy,Advice, Referral  & Support

11. Art, Craft & Recycling projects

12. Housing Advocacy support (by appointment)

13. Mental Health Well Being & Advice

14.International membership

15. Networking Opportunities

16.Partnership Projects

17. Pardoner

18. Unified Sisters Support Group

18.Event Organising


We are working on the principles of The Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey one of  our Inspirational Pioneering Leaders who came before us, recognising that we stand on the shoulders of the ones who built and came before us.

“Rise up you mighty people, we can accomplish what we will”

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